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    Costumbres Argentinas, Asado con Cuero

    “Gauchos” cooking  barbecue on leather, a tipical meal form La Pampa Province. Made for partys, it consists in an roasting entire calf with its leather and gauchos and other people of the surroundings come along to celebrate. The backside of the postcard shows a text whith “foto-rius” printed inside the stamp square, maybe the photographer that took the picture or the studio where it was printed.

    The postcard is printed in photo paper and the back is very rustic, seems to be old but i can’t say when it was made. The other postcards I’ve seen from Rius in the Internet seems to be very old, so perhaps the 20s its period.

    External links:

    Video from a Brasilian gaucho explaining how to make the “asado en cuero”, the process is similar to the one in the card.

    Fotos viejas de la Plata (es)

    Martín Fierro

    Sobre Federico Kohlman(es)


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