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    A family of young owls. The picture is intitled “lechuzas” wich is the common name for the members of the family “Tytus” or barn owls, commonly small owls with no “horns”. But in fact they are burrowing owls, true owls of the family strigidae, only that they are of a gender, the athene (mochuelos) that can be confused with the barn owls because they have no pointy ears. In Argentina they are known as “Lechuzita Vizcachera”.

    They make nests in burrows near they hunting territory. Theyr preys are mostly insects and small rodents but can include small lizards and other small animals too but also they sometimes eat fruits or seeds to cmplete their diet when the preys are scarce.


    More info on the burrowing owls.

    A nice collection of pictures of the owl.

    Video of a vizcachera in her nest.

    Sobre Federico Kohlmann

    Terrritorio Chubut.

    Date: Between 1929 and 1940.

    Size: 14×19

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