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    Nude woman (1926)

    Portrait of a young woman laying nude.

    Date: 28/09/1926



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    India Caduveo (Mbayá), Chaco

    South American Indians of the Argentine, Paraguayan, and Brazilian Chaco, speakers of a Guaycuruan language. At their peak of expansion, they lived throughout the area between the Bermejo and Pilcomayo rivers in the eastern Chaco.


    External links:

    Netherlands Photo Museum (nl)

    Guido Boggiani

    Mbayá people


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    Grupo de gauchos, Buenos Aires (Rep. Argentina)

    The postcard shows a group of gauchos, notable herdsmen from the soth cone of America. This photo was taken at the Buenos Aires province in Argentina.

    The picture is old, but I don’t know the date of the print. The card is form “Foto Celere” and have some text that says “n. 168 D.P.R.”


    Avestruz de 8 días, Territorio Chubut

    Although the text on the picture says that the cute bird is an ostrich (avestruz) but is really a Ñandú (Rhea). Rheas are a bit smaller than ostrichs and they have one finger more. In the photo is clearly visible that the bird has three frontal fingers instead the two of the ostrichs. This […]

    Indio Quichua, Embarcación (Jujuy), Argentina

    A native smoking at Embarcación, Jujuy Province. Quichua is another pronunciation of the old Quechua languaje, a root languaje of that zone of the world. Maybe the man was called “Quichua” and was a Toba or Kom since Embarcación is near a Toban territory.

    I haven’t found reliable references for the picture or the postcard, […]

    Curacao Birds Eye View Of bredestraat, Curaçao


    Main street Breedestraat, in Willemstad, Curacao. The picture shows the carrillon of the Spritzer and Fuhrmann jewelery and a view of the street. The changes in the liners routes and the crisis on Venezuela had their impact in the businnes of Curaçao, and now there isn’t any of the shops depicted in the […]

    Indias Toba, Tabacal (Jujuy), Argentina

    Tow Toba women at El Tabacal, Jujuy Province. The Toba are also know as Kom people. They are having a harsh time from 1880. Tabacal is now known as Hipólito Yrigoyen, there was a factory there, the Toba were workers at the complex.

    I haven’t found reliable references for the picture or the postcard, some […]

    Indio Capacho, Territorio de Santa Cruz

    Portrait of Capacho, an old leader (cacique) of the Mapuche people photographied by Kolhman at Santa Cruz Province. The Mapuches are a fierce nation with a very rich culture and history.

    The postcard maybe taken and printed between 1920 and 1923.External links:

    Fotos viejas de la Plata (es)

    Sobre Federico Kohlman(es)


    Mapuche Nation


    Indias Yaganas, Tierra del Fuego

    Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina a Yagan family portrait. Picture taken by Federico Kohlmann. Where the Yagani men were hunters, the women were fishers, they made lines with their hair and used a small stone to sink the bait from a boat.

    The postcard maybe taken and printed between 1920 and 1923.

    External links:


    Costumbres Argentinas, Asado con Cuero

    “Gauchos” cooking barbecue on leather, a tipical meal form La Pampa Province. Made for partys, it consists in an roasting entire calf with its leather and gauchos and other people of the surroundings come along to celebrate. The backside of the postcard shows a text whith “foto-rius” printed inside the stamp square, maybe the photographer […]