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    Nude woman (1926)

    Portrait of a young woman laying nude.

    Date: 28/09/1926



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    Curacao Birds Eye View Of bredestraat, Curaçao


    Main street Breedestraat, in Willemstad, Curacao. The picture shows the carrillon of the Spritzer and Fuhrmann jewelery and a view of the street. The changes in the liners routes and the crisis on Venezuela had their impact in the businnes of Curaçao, and now there isn’t any of the shops depicted in the […]

    Acueducto de Segovia, Spain

    Postcard of the Aqueduct of Segovia one of the most famous civil monuments of the Romans in Hispania romana.

    The postcard has a golden coat of arms of Segovia, but the scanner can’t reproduce it. According to the vehicles and people shown in the picture, it must be taken around the middle of the 60s, […]

    Water vendor, Curaçao

    A water vendor doing his business at the streets of Curacao. The water vendor is an important figure in all civilizations, imagine the life without water. Perhaps the most famous the “The waterseller of Sevilla”.

    The postcard is probably from the 50s, someone dated one like this one from 40s to 60s.

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    A […]